- Smart logistic solutions -


Smart logistic solutions that can support your digital transfomation possible.

- Smart logistic solutions -


IEC provides you the Smart logistic solutions that can support your digital transfomation possible.

  • Imagine that you when ever customer has placed their orders, they realtime been sent as the list of order to pick and pack
  • Warehouse completely theire pick and pack of each order, then notify logistic to pickup for delivery process.
  • While warehouse do their jobs, logistic crews manage route and select vehicle types to fit size, weight of goods, assign the drivers on specify date time to ship/deliver ready.
  • When the vehicle has been arrived, picture and vedio has been record for the vehicle and goods and the “”meter”” has be “”click start”” point.”
  • Each drop of has customer contact, location (GPS), and customer sign to receive goods, along with pictures of comeplele delivery or damage (if has any) with the meter record.
  • Until Driver has return vehicle

1. ICONOrdering Solutions

YUU Ordering will be able to pull from 3 ordering channels

  • E-Commerce Enable
  • Sale Order
  • POS Point of Sale
ie consult yuulogistics
ie consult yuulogistics

2. ICONAnywhere Warehouse Solutions

  • Warehouse, Location Support
  • Pick, Pack, and Transfer Support

3. ICONDelivery Order Solutions

  • Ship, Delivery, and E-Documents Assistance support (Order, Invoice/Tax, Bill, Receipt, Contact Info, and GPS/Map)
  • Data, Picture, VDO, Signature Record for Analytic

4. API allow Real time Collaboration with Accounting / ERP / Marketplace such Shopee, Website, E Commerce (on request)

5. CCTV, IP Camera, RFID, QR Code, or Barcode support

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