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ICONDelivery Order

Web & Mobile Application (Android has & IPhone)

- ICONDelivery Order -

Delivery Order Solutions consists of :

ie consult yuu delivery_001
ie consult

1. Delivery Order Mananagement which could come from different ways such as:

  • Manual add
  • Import via excel / csv format
  • API with accounting, ERP, or other software or application ( per your request)

2. Logistic crews manage route and select vehicle types to fit size, weight of goods
3. Notify assigned drivers on specify date time to ship/deliver mobile app
4. When the vehicle has been arrived, picture and vedio has been record for the vehicle and goods
and the “”meter”” has be “”click start”” point.”

ie consult yuu delivery
ie consult yuu delivery

5. Each drop off has customer contact, location (GPS) google map

  • customer sign to receive goods,
  • drivers take the pictures of comeplele delivery or damage (if has any)
  • drivers record the milelage meter.”

6. Collaboration with warehouse department and logistic department at the office
7.  Delivery Ordere list by date, route, round/shifts
8. Pick up warehouse, delivery location and contact person information Support
9. Ship, Delivery, and E-Documents Assistance support (Order, Invoice/Tax, Bill, Receipt, Contact Info, and GPS/Map)
10. Data, Picture, VDO, Signature Record of every drop off for Analytic
11. Driver return vehicle with time and meter stamp records
12. A driver can regist many vehicles
13. YUUDelivery Order App support both in-house and outsourcing Vehicles

ie consult yuu delivery

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