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your E - Commerce and your Personal E - Commerce as the same time.

Real Anywhere Anytime Store and commerce for B2B and B2C

ICONCommerce has special character,
It can be both your “E – Commerce” and your “Personal E – Commerce” as the same time.

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B2B and B2C

  • As a Personal ECommerce which extend from Sale Contract that partner has been signed or deal the price individually.
  • YUUCommerce is a B2B Commerce that support you welcome great partnership’s able to click 24/7 hours ordering with special price.
  • YUUCommerce is a B2C Commerce also support you welcome all guest or new customers to click 24/7 hours ordering as well.
  • These will unlock working hour limit transform into streaming revenue.
  • Your staffs, Warehouses, Factories, or Backoffice are everywhere in the wold can also work together on YUUCommerce.
  • API allow Real time Collaboration with Accounting / ERP / Marketplace such Shopee, Website, E Commerce (on request)
ie consult yuu delivery

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