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ICONERP Freezone

realtime anywhere anytime warehouse.

Realtime Anywhere Anytime Warehouse.

  • Multi warehouse management support
  • Products, Rawmaterial, Semi or Assembly, and Loss and Scrap Management support
  • Products’ detail such as Quantity, Declaration Number Stamp, Unit, Color, Size, Weight, Exchange Rate, Expiration Date, Lot, Serial support
  • Product traceability by SKU, Product Group, Product Name, and Declaration Number
  • Offer Import stock in features from Import Declaration of Thai Customs via excel format: Automate stock in, value, and performa invoice details
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  • Enable warehouse live monitoring, control, and manage from Anywhere easily ” just a clicking “
  • Pictures and Videos snapshots and recording of vehicles as the arrival and put away of activities
  • Automate Reports that compliance with Customs Freezone Inspection Department’s Regulations Support
  • Compliance with Custom Intelligent Center ( CIC ) Remote and Realtime Inventory Inspections, Control, and Monitoring required for Free trade Zone Area
  • Stock Movement, Stock Balance of product items of each declaration number
  • Workable with IP Camera, CCTV, RFID, Barcode Scanner, Mobile, Computer, Notebook, and Cloud computing
  • Multi languages supports: Thai , English, and Chinese in every functions and menus
  • Modules extendable such as YUUAccount or YUUERP (per your request)
  • API Integration with ERP, Acccounting (per your request)
  • Customizatable (per your request)
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ICONERP Freezone offers 4 Packages as following

  1. Commercial package
  2. Industrial package
  3. Commercial and Industrial package
  4. Industrial for Multi Level Bill of Materials (Multi – Level BOM suite for complex productions)