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What is ICON Account ?

Is an on-web Accounting Solutions which consist of the essential business modules as the following:

  • Sale Modules
  • Purchasing Mudules
  • Warehouse Mudules
  • Account Mudules
  • Financial Modules
  • Fixed Asset Module


  • Quotation
  • Sale Order
  • Sale Team
  • Management
  • Sale Zone
  • Promotion
  • Sale Reports
  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Budget Control per Order, per Month by user
  • Purchase Report
  • Purchase Request (Optional)
  • Picking Note
  • Transfer Stock Out – In
  • Adjust Stock Increase – Decrease – Create
  • Inventory Control which support: Lot Number, Serial Number, FIFO,Specific Lot, Expiration Date, Manufacturing Date
  • Inventory Balance Report (Quantity)
  • Inventory Movement Report (Quantity)
  • Dead Stock/ Non Movement Report
  • Expiraton Date Stock
  • Account Receivable : Deposit Receive, Invoice Tax, Billing, Credit Note, Debit Note
  • Account Payable : Deposit Paid, Invoice Tax, Billing, Credit Note, Debit Note Receives
  • Credit Limit, Credit Term support
  • Sale and Purchase Tax report
  • Witholding Tax PND1, 1ก, 2, 2ก, 53
  • Inventory Value/Cost Balance Report
  • Inventory Value/Cost Movement Report
  • Product Cost by item via FIFO or Average support
  • General Ledger
  • Balance Sheet
  • Trial Balance
  • Profit and Loss
  • Payment Vouchure
  • Receive Vouchure
  • Profit and Loss from Exchange Rate
  • Bank Reconcile
  • Pretty Cash Report
  • Financial Activity Report
  • Fixed Asset Report
  • Depreciation Report

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What are the benefits of ICONAccount ?

  • Enable your ability to manage business from Anywhere at Anytime on Any Devices
  • Serve real data from original data entry in the ready to use information for Managements
  • Connect all stakeholders and allow thems to colllaborate business flows as the same workplace with autorization and security of yours
ie consult yuu account
ie consult yuu account

Why ICONAccount ?

  • Customizeable to more fit yours growth and changes
  • Online and on-call supports
  • Revenue Department Certified