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The best extensions for your business

- Extensions for your business -


We understand that no system or solution can perfectly serve all enterprise business requirements. Therefore, we are open to allowing businesses to expand their imagination in technology transformation adoption.

Our Solutions have been prepare API in many modules as bridges to connect with others solutions ready to serve you such as:

  • E-commerce platform,
  • Online Banking,
  • Logistic partners
  • Line Application
  • Management Dashboard (On request)
  • Payroll solutions (On request)

ICON API Gateway. We also provide recommended Plug-ins as your quick enhancement for the businesses such as:

  • ICON Link Customer – Eco solution for your business that connects you with Customers.
  • ICON Link SupplierLink
  • Eco solution for your business that connects you with Suppliers.
  • Dashboard for Wholesale Industry (Coming soon)
  • Dashboard for Retail Industry (Coming soon)
  • Dashboard for Factory (Coming soon)
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ICONQuality and Traceability

In food, cosmetics, chemical, medical, or electronic industries, quality control, inspection sheet, and traceability features are the must. These module will allow you the track source of rawmats and products in all required processes: start from

- Before purchase process
- Receiving process from supplier
- During work-in process
- Receiving Finishing process from the factory

Tracking ability will be blended into all warehouse, all processes since products coming in until going out from the company perfectly. "


In Electronic industry or Hardware devices industries that are required the after sale service. Business need to provide after-sale- service for the customer in order to fix, change goods, or re-service as a quarantee. The solution will facilitate customer service and factory or engineer to provice good service with cost tracking, has Bill of material (BOM) and parts control for the company records.


Products or services that has Waranty service in certain period would love this function to support and cross check between Customer Service and Accounting officers in order to monitor and control Waranty status. Therefore the company wold be able to provide a good service for the valuable customers with the good budget control for the company.


To helping users getting goods weight or measure value fast and accurate from Truck scale, Regular scale or load scale.


We provide the solution that supports stock count process the be able to compare actual stock count versus stock in the database. Thus mean the company will know stock loss, stock equal, and overstock realtime right after finish counting.


-Allow to split on big order into one or more delivery of products and services which can specify items, quantity, and delivery date or delivery place.

- If your business is service maintenace or have duration for service like every month for 1 year, or twice a month this feature is the answer."

ICONDeposit Invoice

Allow you to generate invoice in order to bill the Deposit for customer from Detail of Sale Order or in one summary amout or percentage.


Allow you to have
- the real time cost, revenue, expense,
- purchase waiting for payment, sale order waiting for incoming cash,
- and available budget can been used or how much over budget been already. "


Best for organizations that have close relationships with like main suppliers, sub companies, affiliate companies, or conglomerate will be connected between both orders and goods received and other activities with agreed will be seamless as the same system as Eco - Solutions that YUUSupplierLink provides.


Goods and Rawmaterials costs
- can be added up with other related import fees, custom fee, shipping fees and delivery costs.
- average by quantity, value, or specify amount"


- For warehouse or storage business,
- stock movement, balance, transfer, fulfilment, put away, pick and pack
- stock count, loss - over stock report
- purchase request, min-max re-oder point policies
- short stock, dead stock reports"

ICONPOS (without stock)

Shops, Kios, Retail stores, Restaurants need online solutions
- to record sale orders, revenue, receipt/tax print out,
- payment type as cash, QR Payment, Credit card records
- without stock controls for start as cashier

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